SAP Maint. & Enhancement

Management & SupportSap Enhancement Design

SAP Enhancement Development & Implementation

SAP provides numerous methods of legitamatly modifying or ‘fine tuning’ their reports and transactions, enabling a closer ‘fit’ to a client’s actual user requirements. Through long-term experience we can provide design options and follow-though implementation of appropriate system modifications to meet user requirements for modifications.

Level 3 Support

‘Helpdesk for the helpdesk’ – Level 3 Support provides assistance to your internal SAP team in resolving issues and implementing changes. When a fulltime SAP consultant is not required on-site, our experienced technical and functional consultants can provide that assistance either remotely or on callout to resolve our issues or simple reassurance on the impact any proposed change may have on your SAP system.

Solution Manager Implementation & Support

SAP Solution Manager equips you with a new capability in solutionmanagement, covering all relevant aspects of your IT solution implementation, operations, and continuous improvement.While the use of the Solution Manager application is mandatory in the latest SAP releases to facilitate enterprise support, the many value adding functions should be explored and utilised. SMX Consulting and our strategic partner Newcolutions have extensive and unique experience in implementing the full range of Solution Manager services.

Archiving Manager Implementation & Support

Performance Enhancement

Through the use of SAP tools such as SQL Trace, Run-time Analysis and debug facilities both on-line and in back-ground we can provide the necessary skills for the advice and implementation of performance improvements. These can range from the creation of SAP table indices to program redesigns.


In order to ensure, productivity, cost efficiency and competiveness it is critical that Business processes are re-engineered and improved where possible on a continuous basis. Many companies undergo continuous Business Process Re-engineering but fail to re-engineer the SAP processes/functionality. Additionally many companies fail to utilise new functionality to facilitate more efficient and effective processes. Many of our SAP consultants are from a Business process background and have extensive experience in Business Process analysis and change. this coupled with their knowledge of SAP functionality provides them with the key skill sets to assist.lead in SAP business Process reengineering.

“Quick Wins”

A ‘Quick Win’ on SAP is identifying additional functionality already available which can be implemented with minimum cost or disruption and offers immediate business improvements. Our consultants are constantly identifying ‘Quick Wins’ to provide return on investment and improved functionality immediately to users.