QA Services

Project Charter and Initial Project Plan Assurance


The Project Charter and the initial Project Plan sets the deliverables, benefits, scope, resources, timelines, milestones and costs for the project. A poor or incomplete charter and initial plan will have severe consequences for the success of the project. Our senior SAP consultants who have extensive experience in managing numerous and large scale SAP projects, will assess the Charter and Plan to ensure quality and completeness.

Financial Governance


Financial Governance in the public sector is extensive and wide reaching. Our consultants have experience in production of the Appropriation Account to the Irish Dept. of Finance and Statutory Reporting to meet the requirements of the Comptroller and Auditor General.  We also have detailed experience in producing reports from SAP to meet the requirements of the European Commission.


Statutory reporting, funds traceability and industry specific requirements ensure any SAP system needs to be comprehensive yet flexible to meet all financial governance. Our consultants are experienced in assessing the core business processes and identifying gaps in financial governance. Process design should include both current requirements and an assessment of future financial governance requirements.

CSV Assurance

Within a regulated industry where CSV is necessary, we provide a full assessment of all CSV policies, procedures and responsibilities. We provide recommendations and assistance to ensure that the CSV procedures will lead to/maintain a validated SAP system. Our consultants have significant experience in implementing SAP and managing SAP Projects in GxP industries.

Independent Project QA

SMX Consultants provides high quality, independent, cost effective Project Monitoring throughout every stage of your SAP project. Independent project quality assurance will ensure your implementation partner is kept focused during your project and will guarantee that the most suitable final configuration is implemented.

Risk Management Assurance

One of most important aspects of any SAP project or initiative is a comprehensive Risk Management Strategy which is executed thoroughly and precisely during the project lifecycle. Our experienced Sap project Managers are experienced in developing and operating such strategies and will asses your Risk Management Strategy to ensure all relevant risks are captured, the impacts and likelihood of occurrence are estimated correctly and that the Risk Mitigation approaches are viable, efficient and effective.

Change Management Assessment

Change management can often fail to meet its purpose by not managing change with the whole of the organisation in mind.  Managers must focus on managing/leading the organisation whilst change is happening rather that managing the change. Any SAP project will involve some element of change and ensuring the content and execution of your change management plan is critical to the success of your project.

Users / Roles / Authorisation Validation

The SAP authorization concept was developed to protect transactions, programs, and services in SAP systems from unauthorized access. Authorizations are combined in an authorization profile, associated with a role. We have specialists that provide a review of all roles & authorizations against SAP’s Best Practice Roles providing a critique and suggested improvements.

SAP Functionality “Fit” Analysis

Many SAP implementations and projects are overcomplicated by incorrect matching of the SAP process to the business requirements.  Often this is due to inexperienced consultants and the need for consulting partners to match your solution to their experience.  Our experienced consultants can access the ‘fit’ of the SAP process before, during and after implementation and advise on a more suitable solution within SAP were necessary.

SAP Technical Analysis “Health Check”

Through our in depth technical expertise we provide a technical ‘Health Check’ service. This usually consists of a:

Performance Review for known performance areas of concern

  • examining system profiles, processes, database and data
  • dictionary definitions and indices

Development Audit of:

  • standards & documentation
  • repairs, exits & enhancements
  • transports & version management

but can be adapted to a client’s needs or concerns.