Strategic Management

SpreadsheetRequirement Definition

Documented Requirements which are structured, accurate, legible and complete provide the foundation for any SAP change/project. Poor requirements definition can ultimately lead to an incomplete or inaccurate business case and project charter/plan, and subsequently impact the success of the project. Our experienced consultants work with you and lead the development of a comprehensive requirements definition document.

Business Case Development (Cost Benefits Analysis)

In today’s economic environment the Business Case is more important than ever. The CFO will not approve budget unless the business and benefits cases proves the project/initiative to be viable and feasible with a clear and tangible short term return on investment. Our consultants have significant experience in developing business and benefits cases for high value and business critical SAP Projects and will work with you to ensure a quality and tangible business/benefits case with a comprehensive cost benefit analysis is developed.

Project Charter & Initial Plan

The Project Charter and the initial Project Plan sets the deliverables, benefits, scope, resources, timelines, milestones and costs for the project. A poor or incomplete charter and initial plan will have severe consequences for the success of the project. Our senior SAP consultant who have extensive experience in managing numerous and large scale SAP projects, will lead/assist in the development of the Project Charter and initial Project Plan.

Business Model

Prior to any change being made in your business a business architecture or structure should be documented in a clear and complete manner. Our professionally qualified business consultants can formalise your business model as well as recommending suitable proven best practices. This approach is also useful in enabling collaborations between organisations, or mapping processes during mergers or acquisitions.

Archive Design

An SAP archiving strategy should be a top priority if the optimum performance of any SAP system is to be maintained. The strategy you develop should be able to cater to all the organisations requirements-both internal and external.  An appropriate balance which meets business needs, statutory requirements along with systems performance should be established.  Our consultants can assist in developing that strategy with their extensive experience on both the business and technology elements.

Process Analysis

Every business is made up of processes.  Analysing and documenting these processes is the first step in business process re-engineering and business process improvement. Our experienced consultants will work with your staff to design, model, simulate, and optimize business processes and then match these to SAP processes to achieve maximum operational efficiency.

Executive Support & Guidance

With our comprehensive Project Management, Consulting & Technical skill base, we  can provide objective advice and expertise with the aim of creating value and improving the business performance of our SAP clients by advising on the best SAP strategy, structure, management and operational set-up.

SAP Strategy

By providing key knowledge transfer to a client’s management team and IT decision makers, we can help ensure the most efficient and cost effective decisions are made in relation to SAP implementations, extension, support, release upgrades, archiving, integration and enhancements

  • Release
  • Archive
  • Support
  • Enhancement
  • Extension
  • Hardware
  • Integration