Completed Projects

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food.

The following is a summary of the general services provided by SMX consultants to the Department :

  • Continuous end-user Functional and Technical support for all Finance and Logistics modules.
  • Functional & Technical design assistance; development and support of all SAP related process improvements and mini-projects.
  • Provided ABAP/4 Team Leader to the Department’s own ABAP team; with responsibility for Issue and mini project task assignment, QA and delivery.
  • Provided the Department with Project Management and lead Functional and Technical consultants for SAP Data Archiving Implementation in 2008/2009.
  • Provided the Department with Project Management and lead Functional and Technical consultants for Rollout of SAP to Fisheries in 2008. (Responsibility for Fisheries was transferred to Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in 2007/2008)
  • Provided the Department with Project Management and lead Functional Consultant for Solution Manager Implementation in 2007.
  • Provided the Department with lead Functional and Technical consultants plus Project Management Support for the SAP 4.0b to SAP 4.7 Enterprise upgrade in 2005.
  • Provided the Department with the lead Functional and Technical Consultants for the SAP 4.0b Hot-Pack upgrade in 2004.
  • Continuous knowledge transfer to Department’s internal SAP Functional and Technical Support Team.
  • Provided SAP Basis/Security and Authorisations Consultants to the Department for specific mini-projects over this time period.
  • Provided Business Connector Technical Support for the Department’s Customer Payments Enquiry and Reporting System.

We have continuously and successfully supported the Department’s SAP system and have led teams through significant Hot-Pack and Application Upgrades as well as rollouts and specific support functionality Projects with Data Archiving and Solution Manager.

In addition, we have carried out many value adding improvements and developments to the system including:

  • Provided Funds Management Support for month-end and year-end processing in a multi-company, multi-fiscal year environment.  SMX Consulting Ltd is one of the few Irish based consultancies that have consultants experienced in this area.
  • Development of EU Statutory Reports E.G. EFA Report, this is a requirement only within EU Government Department’s, hence very little knowledge and expertise is available in the SAP marketplace.
  • Design of complete Relevant Contract Tax processing solution and implementation of the solution along with internal Department staff.
  • Assistance with the introduction of the solution for Single Farm Payment processing which was a once off specific requirement of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.  This requirement had to fit with the existing checks and procedures for farmer payment requests in the Department.
  • Supported from a design and implementation perspective the introduction of the Corporate Client System (CCS) and its integration with the SAP Client Database (Custom CRM Solution).
  • Recouping of Department overpayments via the ‘Netting’ process; which is continuously under improvement catering for new business scenarios such as Withholding Tax, etc.  This is a fully customised solution for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
  • Supported change and enhancement of the Web based Payments Enquiry, which is comprehensively used throughout the Department to enquire on Client’s details and payments.  This solution used SAP Business Connector and HTML functionality.  In addition, we have also developed web-enabled versions of SAP standard reports.
  • Provided Training, Mentorship, task assignment and QA services for the Department’s internal ABAP/4 support team
  • Provided Project Management Support plus configuration and testing for the implementation of new scanning software as part of the ‘Asset Tracking Project’ in 2006.
  • Produced a detailed SAP Purchasing Review document highlighting areas for improvement in overall procurement within the Department.  A full understanding of the purchasing needs of the Department was required to produce this review.
  • Designed and implemented a ‘mini-workflow’ email notification process for the Purchase Order approval process.

Health Service Executive – Eastern Region

  • Primary focus has been on enhancements to Logistics Functionality and Reporting including:
    • Design and implementation of Stock Requisition & Stock Reservations from bar-code scanners
    • Repairs and Enhancements to the Purchase Order Email Solution
    • Numerous SAP Validations arising from amended Financial Regulations
    • Development of a New Purchase Order Form
    • Numerous Purchasing and Inventory Management Reports to provide additional business information
    • Logistics Master Data Upload programs.
  • Also, focus on specific enhancements to FI-CO functionality including:
    • Pay Master General (PMG) – Electronic transfer of funds between PMG Accounts.
    • Email communication of Payment Advise Notices and other Vendor documents
  • Also provided strategy documents on certain Logistics SAP/Business Process improvements including:
    • Approach for addressing Disputed Invoices within Prompt Payment Guidelines
    • Approach for simplifying the Purchase Order Release/Approval processes.